Friday, February 25, 2011


Abel Abaji (R) and Dep Gov Ramalan Yero
The Kaduna State Youth Council paid a courtesy call to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, the Seat of Government in the State. I was part of the Youth Council delegation which consisted of 17 members of the 20 man Youth Council Executive Committee.

The Commissioners in attendance

Four other Commissioners (Finance, NGOS and Student Affiars, Poverty Alleviation, Youth and Sports Development) were in attendance at the meeting. In his brief speech, Mr. Abel Abaji, the Youth Council Chairman urged government to implement programmes that would benefit youth (e.g. job creation, sports and dialogue) and encourage youth participation in governance.

In his response, Alhaji Ramallan Yero, Deputy Governor of Kaduna State restated government position to support initiatives that are beneficial to youth. However, he stressed that some of these initiatives can be proposed by the Youth Council in accordance with stated policy provisions. He acknowledge the efforts of the Kaduna State Youth Council in seeking a stable partnership with the State Government and equally urged the Youth Council not to relent in its efforts but to intensify them as he was certain that Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa would listen and act accordingly.

Dep Gov Ramallan Yero (Centre) and KDSYouth Council
In closing the Deputy Governor urged the Youth Council to sustain its mobilization to keep youth out of violence, especially during the forthcoming general elections in April 2011.

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