Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dan F. Bassil
Phil Bartle

Two gentlemen have influenced my decision to start blogging. One of them is Dan F. Bassil of Cabrini Connections and TutorMentor Connections, Chicago, USA ( and the other is Phil Bartle, Professor of Sociology and chief writer of the Community Communications Network ( Both are wonderful gentlemen. Both of them have been working with and for communities for many years. Phil Bartle is now retired but not tired while Dan Bassil is still an active part of the network of mentors he has been working with since around 1973. I have been communicatiing with Dan Bassil for about five years now while I only got to know about Phil's work online around October 2010. Their impact on me has been tremendous. Thanks Dan, for encourging me to keep going even when the vision was not clear and for believing that I can bring something meaningful into being, something that will touch others for good - and for being there always. Thanks Phil for helping concretize the vision and the very helpful writings on community work.

As the weeks and months go by, I hope to keep posting stories of my activities and those of the Organization I run - the Global Community Prime Initiative (GCPI). Perhaps someone, someday, will have the opportunity of taking a casual look at this and find it useful. In the meantime, this particular write up begins a new phase for me and the work I do in the rural communities in the hinterland of Kaduna State, Nigeria.


  1. It is my honor to connect with people like you who share a passion and commitment for helping others. I will look forward to connecting our networks using the blogs. If you want to include any of the graphics I've created in your blog please do so.